The $280 `htop` T-Shirt

Angelos Frentzos T-Shirt

Angelos Frentzos “Crash” T-Shirt

Having an interest in fashion and an interest in Linux are usually two very separate things for me. I don’t think System Administrators are well known for their style, and I definitely didn’t expect to be writing a post about it here, so imagine my surprise when I came across this particular shirt on’s latest arrivals. Designed by Angelos Frentzos and priced at a whopping $280 Canadian, it’s quite a bit of money for a tee full of wacky computer speak! Immediately though, I noticed that calling it the “crash print” is a bit of a misnomer, as it looks like pretty typical htop output with some sort of window split. Curious about its origin, I thought I’d look into it.

The image is large enough that it’s easy to make out the text, so pulling out important keywords seemed like a place to start. We can see processes running under pedro (and that pedro has 247MB RAM, yet 2080MB of swap. Hmm…), fbgrab writing a screenshot to antix-terminus-font.png, and the box’s hostname, antiX1. The filename seemed like the most obvious place to start, and one easier-than-expected-Google-search later, I’d found the source image on a forum for the antiX Live CD.



The shirt’s print definitely had some minimal editing to move the vim text over, but this particular screenshot posted to an obscure Linux live CD’s forum is what I was looking for. Somehow it’s made its way into a Greek designer’s Spring fashion line, and suddenly htop is cool. I guess.

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