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How to fix certain H264 MP4s that cannot be imported into DaVinci Resolve

Recently I came across a set of video recordings that DaVinci Resolve would not import. According to its Media Storage viewer, the folder they were in was empty, except for one of the videos which was suspicious to me. These recordings played fine in multiple media players but most suggestions I could find for resolving the issue via Google either blamed the user, suggested they have to upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio, or worst of all – transcode the videos to a compatible format. Transcoding is time intensive and lossy, and Studio costs money, so let’s try to avoid either of those.

There are a couple ways to identify whether this is going to work for your video files.

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Measuring and graphing I-frame gaps in videos

I’ve been mired in IPTV related work for a while now, popping my head up occasionally to grab a breath¬†and¬†take a look at some other neglected things in my day-to-day job. It isn’t long before I’m back into it though, and all the time I’m picking up more knowledge about the world of TV.

One thing that was brought to me recently was some failures related to a network PVR system having trouble ingesting encrypted video content. According to the support team for the software, I-frames in the content were too far apart to ingest properly. The person working on the issue at our company was interested in seeing just how far apart they were, so I set to creating a little script to do just that.

It turned out to be relatively simple using ffprobe, which is part of the ffmpeg suite. Using that data, it’s then possible to plot the I-frame gaps with gnuplot.


I-Frame gaps

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The Dog Cam

Dog with camera pack

Pack mounted wireless camera

So you have a dog in your office, work on a residential television service and it’s almost April Fools’. What do you do? Put a camera on it and broadcast it of course. That’s the immediate idea I had anyways, so I spent some time in March figuring out how I could do just that.

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