Hi. I’m a System Administrator at an ISP. Sometimes I solve problems that I think are interesting enough to share, so I created Poorly Documented.

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  1. Dan

    Hey mate,

    Just wanted to say your article “Installing CorentinJ’s Real Time Voice Cloning project on Windows 10 from scratch” was an absolute slam dunk in helping me get this installed and running successfully.

    I had real issues running it on my macbook but your step-by-step guide help immensely on getting it running on my PC.

    There’s probably times when you feel like what’s the point of writing these guides, but I just wanted you to know that somewhere way down-under you’ve helped someone out immensely and for that I give you a very sincere thanks!

    All the best mate!

  2. Bodo

    You’re my hero! Thx from Germany for your article ““Installing CorentinJ’s Real Time Voice Cloning Project”. Works like a charm.

    1. brent Post author

      That’s an interesting development, thanks for sharing that! I have access to AMD CPUs, so I might try to take a look at this.


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